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About Our Counseling:

Nobody understands immigration like we do. Nobody. We state that with great pride because of:

  • Our years of experience in the space,
  • Our deep understanding of our customers and their aspirations and
  • Our deep understanding of our customers and their aspirations and
  • Our knowledge of complex immigration, visas and jobs across a range of countries, industries and occupations.
  • Our counseling’s main objective is global employability and mobility.
  • We deliver high quality service to thousands across the world because of:
    • Our passionate and well-trained counselors,
    • Our investment in a network of counseling centers in India and abroad;
    • B&V-Path, our patented counseling method,
    • B&V-Immigration Eligibility Reports and
  • When you come to us, you can expect a solution that is recommended after taking into consideration all the opportunities and the constraints you face.
  • When you contact us, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will be there for you and will coordinate your needs across our departments.
  • Remember, the career counseling is absolutely free with no strings attached.
  • Talk to us today and begin a relationship that will last a lifetime.

We Want To Increase Your Demand:

  • The purpose of our counseling is to understand your needs and aspiration and recommend solutions that will increase your employability and mobility globally.
  • We want you to be valuable and available to overseas employers. We want you to be an expert of something technical.
  • We help you find a country that will welcome you as a migrant and where you and your family can settle down legally and with the support of the government and local employers.
  • Our recommendation are not short-cuts or quick fixes.
  • We understand the aspirations of a middle class family and are sensitive to utilizing your precious budgets into career investments that last a lifetime.

The World is Full of Opportunities:

  • The world is full of opportunities for everyone including you. Whether you are a professional, student or a businessman, there are lots of opportunities and benefits abroad. We can help you prepare for a career in the richest countries of the world.
  • It is possible to legally enter these countries and stay back as a migrant. You can gain a Permanent Visa and always return to India.

We Recommend the Best:

The countries where we recommend our clients are:

The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai

We Offer all Solutions:

  • We figure out the best career option to pursue a career. We juggle between these:
  • Options that include

    • Migrating, Working, Studying, Traveling & Investing Overseas
  • Our Solutions include all services making us a one-stop-shop:
    • Counseling, Immigration, Consulate, Admissions, Job Search, Travel, Concierge & Marketplace Services.

You get valuable advice for free:

  • Our Counseling is absolutely free.
  • There are no strings attached.
  • You are free to pursue our recommendation on your own.

Our Eligibility Reports are Affordable and Valuable:

  • If you are serious about making an investment in a career path which would involve money, time and effort, it makes sense to be sure if you are in the right direction.
  • B&V Immigration Eligibility and B&V-Path Career Reports evaluate your profile from all criteria and perspectives.
  • You can count on these reports to choose a path and make an investment.

Most Valuable Career Reports:

  • B&V-Path, our patented counseling solutions is available for professionals and students. It starts from ground zero and provides you a detailed career report on your options.

Our Team is Your Side:

  • When B&V Counselors counsels you, they are not alone. They are backed by our corporation and a team of experts and managers that will support you. You get the best team in overseas careers working for you.

B&V Counseling Answers Your Questions:

  • What exactly are the opportunities?
  • What are the benefits of pursuing a career & life abroad?
  • Am I eligible? How will it help me & my family?
  • I want to work abroad. Is my occupation in demand?
  • What are my chances of getting a work permit?
  • How do I go about it?
  • Will a diploma/degree or a short term course help me find a job & get a visa? Which one should I choose? How much will it cost?
  • Which country should I migrate to? With so many countries competing for me, how do I take the right decision?
  • How do I build my visa history so I am never rejected for a visa?
  • I would like to start a business overseas. How much do I need? How do I apply?

Talk to us today:

  • B&V Counseling is absolutely free and is available on Phone by e-mail or face-to-face in our Counseling Centers.

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