Canadian Experience Class


Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian experience class (CEC) is a category of the experienced Canadian foreign workers who look forward to becoming permanent residents of the country. The temporary foreign workers are considered to be the optimal migrants for permanent residence immigration to Canada. This is because these candidates already have a good knowledge about the Canadian environment and will be easily able to adapt it. They already have the necessary networks in their community and their career. The candidates who are eligible for immigration should be able to phrase their interests for migrating to Canada. They usually do this by designing an express entry profile with a view to getting an offer for the invitation to apply for permanent residence before they even create an application themselves.

Minimum criteria for the Canadian experience class (CEC)

The candidates must be able to fulfill the following requirements to successfully immigrate:
They should possess at least one year experience their skilled jobs. They should possess a professional or technical work experience in Canada within 36 months from the applied date of application.

They should be able to satisfy the minimum criteria level in Canadian language benchmark that is, 5 if initial intermediate or 7 in the case of adequate intermediate proficiency. Depending upon the job requirements, they should qualify the minimum benchmark.

These candidates should have planned to work out of Quebec. This is because if they possess work experience in Quebec and want to settle there, then they will have to apply for Quebec experience class. Thus, under Canadian experience class, they should seek permanent residency outside Quebec.

Please note, that if a full-time student has gained experienced in work, the experience will not be taken into account for the time he was pursuing his studies.