New Zealand Immigration


New Zealand is an island country placed in the Asia Pacific. The most popular and populous city is Auckland where as the capital of New Zealand is Wellington, named as "the coolest little capital in the world”. European Descent are the majority of New Zealand’s population and on the other side, the minority section is taken by the indigenous Maori. But at the contrary, Maori and the early British settlers have been the main source to the beginning of New Zealand’s culture. Maori & New Zealand Sign Language is still followed in some parts but the dominant language is English. 

New Zealand is very beautiful and most importantly it is extremely low on corruption. The standard classification of occupation in Australia & New Zealand is popularly known as ANZSCO. The demand for Engineers is quite high and these kind of specifically skilled people can easily migrate to New Zealand, as it is one of the best place to settle as it gives a high standards of living. 

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