Study In Poland



Poland is a modern and dynamic member of the European Union where education really counts. Over the last year, the country has grown more popular among international students and its universities have been developing international curricula, contributing to the rise of foreign students to more than 70.000. Poland - with its over 400 universities, more than 800 programmes taught in English, its safety, fast-growing economy and modern cities, its good education and lifestyle - can no longer be overlooked when deciding where to study abroad. 


University of Social Sciences

The University of Social Sciences is one of the most

Experienced and largest private universities in Poland.

It offers education on undergraduate, graduate, MBA and

PhD levels, as well as an opportunity to finish an American

Master degree program with Clark University (USA).


• High-standard modern educational infrastructure in major cities in Poland such as Warsaw, Lodz,

Cracow and 15 others, including a branch campus in London.

• International students come from countries such as: Norway, India, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine,

Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nepal and many others.

• University's buildings are conveniently located in the center of each city. Modern campuses are

equipped with all tools necessary in top quality and practical education process. The well-prepared

facilities include lecture rooms, workrooms, language labs, computer laboratories and conference halls,

all with a wireless Internet connection. Additionally, students may use the University library, a gym and

a canteen.

• The University has longstanding teaching experience in international education. It employs over

500 lecturers from Poland and abroad. The academic staff was selected from top-class researchers

and renowned business practitioners with corporate experience.

• Study programs are created in cooperation with employers and taught by lecturers with practical

experience from Poland and abroad (the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Israel and others).

• Practical business training. Students do not just learn the theory of different subjects, but also use

this theory in a working environment during projects organized in cooperation with companies.

They take part in meetings and conferences with business practitioners.

• Close collaboration with Clark University enabling students to obtain the American Master`s diploma

and to complete their studies in the USA and participate in an internship program - a gateway to

an international career!

• Possibility of accommodation in the University’s dormitory (at an attractive price).

• Student exchange within the Erasmus+ program and bilateral agreements with prestigious partner

universities all over the world.

• Assistance of the Academic Career Centre.

• Additional activities, including sports, getting acquainted with the Polish culture, sight-seeing, student

events and competitions.